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Starting a podcast can be overwhelming. Let me help!

I am the producer of two award-winning podcasts + my own show: The Pro Voice Guy Podcast

I also provide technical reviews for existing podcasts in order to help them sound even better and produce professional podcast intros and outros.

Here is how it works: The following are different aspects of starting a podcast. Since every podcaster has different questions, I have set up different gigs.

  • With the basic gig, you will get to choose one of the listed help areas.

  • The standard gig lets you choose three.

  • The premium gig is the complete package with everything, plus up to five chances for follow up questions or further advice.

I will send you a written report addressing your questions and concerns. Revision on this gig can be used to ask follow-up questions.

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Here are the help areas: (Detailed descriptions can be found in this PDF)

  • Equipment

  • Software

  • Hosting Recommendations

  • Interviews

  • Audio Quality

  • Vocal Delivery

  • Intros and Outros

I recommend looking over the order worksheet before ordering.

Order Now on Fiverr!