Podcast Technical Review Request

For a limited time, this service is absolutely free. I reserve the right to share the results with others, however, I will remove your name and the name of your podcast before sharing.

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Provide a link to where I can listen to your podcast. If your podcast is not live yet, you can upload an MPE using this link: https://www.dropbox.com/request/DmCtU0exOyfN8bTNZkrW
If you are sharing a link, please let me know which episode you would like me to review. I may also listen to some others if I want to compare but I will focus on one episode.
If you would like equipment recommendations extra, tell me about what you are interested in (microphones, audio interfaces, software) and, if you want, the budget you have in mind. I will offer a range of options but I don't want to recommend a thousand dollar mic if you have $50 to spend.
(Optional) Tell me more about your podcast. If it is already live, how long has it been on? What is your goal for the podcast? How do you think it is going? Etc.
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