Episode 18: Is It Okay to Read Your Podcast?

A client asked me a question the other day that took me a moment to  answer. She asked, "Is it okay to read your podcast?" I had to ask for  some clarification. Her issue was that she was writing a complete script  for her show and basically recording herself reading it. She wondered  if that was okay. So, I asked for a recording of her show. Sure enough,  it sounded like she was reading a script. You don't need to be a  broadcast professional to know what it sounds like when someone is  reading vs. just talking. However, you would be surprised how often you  think someone is just talking when they are actually following a word  for word script. TV news broadcasters, late-night television hosts, and  politicians are usually looking at a teleprompter and following it word  for word. So, let's dig a little deeper into the question, "Is it okay  to read your podcast?"

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Will Rice