Podcast Editing and Mastering

Podcast Editing and Mastering

from 50.00

This service includes:

Everything in the basic package plus:

Editing – I will edit the audio to your specifications. That includes removing noises, “umms” or long pauses, and even sections that you re-recorded.

Please note, if you recut sections that you want removed, please include the time marker and the first few and last few words of the section. 

***The 30-minute time limit refers to the unedited audio. If your unedited audio is longer than 30 minutes, even if you want it edited down to under 30 minutes, you still need to purchase the extra minutes. Feel free to message me if you have questions.

Adding any necessary effects to improve sound quality – This may include compression, equalization, normalization or anything else necessary to make your audio sound as good as possible.

Adding intros and outros – Provided by you. Intro and outro production can be purchased at an additional charge.

Loudness Normalization – To ensure you podcast meets the loudness standards for your platform and the industry.

Encoding - Creating an MP3 with the appropriate bit rate and depth for your host.

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