Podcast Technical Review


Do you want your podcast to sound better and more professional? Are you wondering where to start? I can help.

I hate to see audio issues get in the way of great content. I have heard some podcasts that have fantastic content and fascinating hosts but so many audio problems that it is just too difficult to listen.

Others aren't that bad, but the first impression created by a lack of professional audio quality reduces the show's credibility.

If you think your show might have some audio problems or, if you don't know, let me take a listen and see what we can improve.

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What is Included:

Here is what I will do:  

  • Listen to your podcast

  • Identify issues

  • Offer you concrete recommendations to sound better on your next episode

Some of the issues that I will listen for are:

  • Equalization - Does your podcast sound too "tinny" or "muddy?"

  • Mixing  - If a podcast has any musical elements, it is crucial that they are mixed well with the vocals.

  • Editing  - Most podcasters aren't trained in audio editing. Sometimes edits don't sound as good as they could.

  • Encoding  - Problems with sample rate and bitrate can cause all sorts of problems.

  • Microphone  - Just getting your microphone in the right place can make a huge difference. Sometimes a new mic, even an inexpensive one can completely change the sound of your show. I can also make recommendations as to what mic to buy.

  • Noise/Acoustical  - Very few podcasters have access to a professional studio. Bad room acoustics and ambient noise can reduce the quality of your sound. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to make it sound better.

I will share my findings with you in a language you can understand even if you are not an expert. I will also give you concrete steps to fix the issues I find.

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Will Rice