3 Reasons You Might Want to Try Inexpensive Online Voice Talent


There was a time, not long ago, that access to professional quality voice talent and production was limited to people with big budgets. I remember when a simple :30 radio spot produced at a "mom and pop" studio was at least $200. For anything with top-notch talent and elaborate production, the cost would bump that into the thousands.

These days, you can get someone to produce a :30 spot for $5. As I mentioned in my last post, there are times when experienced, professional voice talent is worth every cent. However, there are also times it might be worth shopping the vast offerings of the internet for something a little less expensive.

Here are 3 reasons you might want to try inexpensive online voice talent

1. You don't have the money for anything else.

If you are starting your first podcast, you may not have much money to invest. You may have already spent your entire budget on a good microphone. At this point, your options are:

  1. Don't have an intro
  2. Voice the intro yourself
  3. Shop around and find someone who can do it for a few bucks

Since research shows that listeners decide whether to keep listening within the first few seconds of your podcast, option 3 has some merit.

The same is true if you are starting a YouTube channel, creating a video for your website, or working on any project that needs a strong voice.

2. You are still in the concept stage.

I do a lot of work for organizations who are working on a project that will eventually call for a big audio budget. However, they are still experimenting with some ideas. They need a strong voice, but they aren't quite ready to contract with someone for the final product.  Without investing a lot of their budget (or because they don't have a budget yet), they work with someone online who can do it cheap and fast. 

But why would decent talent do something for $5-$10 that the organization will pay thousands for later? Well, for me, I don't mind taking these gigs because they usually take very little time. While they still get the same pro-level quality, they typically don't need a lot of revision, and they are willing to have the work done remotely. That means no need to go into a studio or do the job live over an ISDN line. I can do these projects as I have time in between other work.

3. You are just not ready to commit.

Sometimes people and organizations know that a successful project will take some serious investment. However, there are moments when they aren't ready to commit the resources. There is something to be said about getting things right the first time. There are also some situations when it best just to get started. Especially in this modern media world, if we wait until all the buy-in and funding is ready, the moment has passed. In those moments, we work with what we have and just get started.

Whether you are on a limited budget, still in the concept stage, or just not ready to commit, I would be glad to help. Fiverr is a great place to start. You can check out my gigs at the links below. If my voice isn't what you are looking for, there is a plethora of great talent to be found.

Let Me Voice And Produce A Professional Intro For Your Podcast

Let Me Provide Professional Quality Voice Talent For Your Project


Will Rice